PAGE 8. Cyclemaster Roundsman

Cyclemaster Roundsman on Hercules Delivery Cycle


We haven’t quite finished restoring the Roundsman yet. It’s up and running and looking good. But its sign is yet to be fitted, as are the rear number plate and various accessories. I couldn’t wait any longer before sharing it with you, so you’ll be able to observe our progress …and it will be ready by the time I take the Cyclemaster Museum on the road to various shows this summer.


This Hercules Delivery Bicycle was restored by my friend Rob Dobie; the Cyclemaster engine was restored by Ray Dowling of Leicester. Putting the two together was not as simple as it might seem.


The original Roundsman was a Mercury delivery bicycle, as illustrated in the article below. As I’ve seen plenty of Cyclemasters fitted to other delivery cycles, I wondered whether there was any difference between them and the Mercury.


I discovered that because delivery bicycles are built with a stronger frame, the width of the rear wheel is slightly wider. So we had to adjust this for the Cyclemaster wheel to fit.



I’ll add more pictures of the Roundsman after we’ve had time to do more to it. The following page of the Cyclemaster Museum has the history of the Hercules bicycle company.



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